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Visual Advertising The world of advertising is the foundation for how a company communicates its product to the consumers. Here a complex struggle takes place continually to gain the attention, even for a second, of a potential buyer. The footwear industry is no exception, and when combined with the semiotics of today’s culture advertising campaigns often are a chore to understand. With a close examination of two ads, we will be able to understand some of their underlying marketing themes more clearly. Nike Print Advertising: Nike’s advertising campaign has always been one of power, the type that jumps out at the reader and grabs his or her attention. Though their ads receive huge recognition, when combined with the semiotics of today’s culture these campaigns often are a chore to understand exactly what the company is communicating to its audience. Fig. 1, One of Nike’s print ads depicts the silhouette of a runner under a dark, nighttime background. Surrounded by a light haze and outlined by the white clouds in the sky, the runner demonstrates the ideal of dedication. This image is then overlaid with the words “test your faith daily.” Although a red swoosh is centered on the runner, this ad lacks the Continue...

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But the sunshine symbolizes the reward and victory that comes with the hard work and dedication of running. From this the reader is driven to the conclusion that buying these shoes won't make the reader a superstar (like the Nike ad), and it won't make running conditions any better. Obviously their effort has not been as effective as Nike, but the company relies more on the grassroots advertising and product quality. 2 million last year for advertising expense, it is easy to see that Nike takes its commercials seriously. By using this format, it connects with the serious runner. Finally the link is made by a further jump of logic by connecting the reader to the superstar. Each ad of the series showed an athlete putting her training above everyday tasks of answering the phone, checking email, or receiving a fax. "The swoosh has acquired meaning and value through repeated association with other culturally meaningful symbols (Nike Culture, p. The emotional appeal that this ad draws on asks the reader, "who is that person running Left in the imagination of the reader, the ad begins to associate itself to some ambiguous superstar. This effort received an award and added more recognition to the company at this year's Emmy awards. The ad itself is divided into two sections. The name "Nike nor its shoes are not displayed anywhere in the ad. It works much like the images of prominent sports figures dressed in a company's product.


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