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2000 Speech When we were younger, we couldn’t wait to graduate from high school and be done with school. Well, now it’s here and we are still pretty exited to be finished, but graduation has taken on a whole new meaning for us. We have come so far. From lying on the ground to reaching for the stars realizing it is o.k. to have a dream. I still remember the very first day we arrived, everything was so easy. But before we knew it, things became so much harder to accomplish. Everything Continue...

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With the help of our parents, our teachers, our friends, and God, we managed to get through this confusing yet rewarding stage of our lives and it was worth it. became more meaningful to us, and every task we had to face required of our endless effort. Hopefully we will not be hitchhiking. It means relying on yourself and on others. We will find ourselves in a new world soon. Patrick's with a feeling of terror. Patrick's High School has been intimate and personal. We faced difficult times together, we shared sad moments as well. We are aware that not everywhere we go will be as nurturing as St. I still recall how we were all so sad and angry when we were told our good friend Ramon had passed away, but it was during that kind of situations that we came to realize that interacting with and learning from others is in fact the most powerful way to grow. Totally worth it because all through our way we got to meet great people who will always be there for us.