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Are teenagers respected?

Are teenagers respected? Some may agree they are and some may not. However, the majority of teenagers will respond, that they don’t receive the respect they deserve. Most teens feel they are disrespected mainly by their parents, other adults and by the school boards in North America. Many youth feel they are disrespected and neglected by their own parents. Most parents don’t respect their teenagers right to privacy. Teenagers have, for example, the right to hold private telephone conversations and expect their mail and diaries are not read. Most parents, due to suspicion, invade their son or daughter’s privacy and often teens feel they are disregarded. Parents should acknowledge the right of teenagers right to privacy and learn to trust and respect them. Juveniles are always generalized into categories as soon as adults see them. With only a quick look from most adults, teens are automatically seen as thieves and many other things. This is unfair because not all teenagers are like that. Many youth feel discriminated against and/ or not respect when they go into stores or malls. Some times the staff watches you or follows you around because they think you’re going to steal something. All these actions by the staff send thoughts of anger raging through their head, and make them feel not respected and trusted. All the adults who have bad perspectives on teenagers should stop it and learn to respect them like they would to any other human beings. The implementation of uniforms in many schools without the interest of students makes them feel their interests are not respected and ignored by education system. Through out North America numerous school boards have been attempting to standardize the clothing that students wear. Many teens feel that the use of uniforms will stop identity, strife creativity, and unnecessarily burden the families who cannot afford it. A problem that surface due to the implementation o...

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