“How I Became A Public Speaker” is an extract from George Bernard Shaw’s autobiography. He describes how he had trained himself to be a public speaker. It is interesting to know how a boy, who feared to speak in public, spoke exuberantly and attracted large crowds towards him. George Bernard Shaw is one of the most eminent speakers that the world has produced.
             Though not a very good speaker, G.B.Shaw always had a passion to express his views. He had an air of impudence but was an arrant coward, nervous and self-conscious to a heart breaking degree. He spoke out in public but often got mixed up with his words and felt ashamed. He thought of remembering important points while speaking but often forgot the best ones.
             The society did hate his rubbish talks but never prevented him from expressing his views. In the third meeting of the society, he took the chair. His hand shook so terribly that he could hardly sign. Every subject stuck to his mind at an angle that pronounced reflections were new to the audience. His first success was when the society paid to art and arranged a meeting where Shaw gave his first successful speech. He preserved doggedly and spoke at all places where a chance was awaiting him, be it for tens or thousands of people.
             G.B.Shaw had spoken in the University College at the meeting of New Shakespeare Society, Bedford Society and the Radical Club. He soon became a social orator. Shaw did not prefer speaking out written lectures. He extemporized in order to speak on socialism and other topics for more than one hour. He expected opposition but hardly got any.
             One among his best speeches was delivered in Hyde Park in torrents of rain to six po

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