Summary Essay -Once more to the lake

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E.B White, the famous author of Stuart Little and Charlottes Web, also wrote the person essay “Once More to the Lake” in which he explores the relationship between father and son. The essay starts off with a father talking about his experiences as a child camping with his father in 1904 on a lake in Maine. During this he gets the great feelings that he once had as a child camping and decides to relive them again. He is now a father who has a child himself which he decides to bring along with because his son has have never had any fresh water up his nose and thought this would be a great experience for the both of them. On his way to Maine he wonders how much different the “holy spot” may be and if he still will love this place like he used to. After settling into a camp near a farmhouse and getting that summer feeling, he thought things couldn’t be much different. He defiantly knew it the next morning lying in bed, smelling the bedroom, and hearing his young boy quietly sneaking out to go off along the shore in a boat. Lying in his bed he starts to imagine his son has him and that he was his own father. He would be in the middle of simp Continue...

The next morning he and son went fishing. He felt the same damp moss covering the worms in the bait can, and saw the dragonfly on the tip of the rods as it hovered over the water. Back then they only had one or two cylinder boats that made a sleepy sound across the lake but now they have boats that make more noise then those in the past. During this, everywhere he would go he had trouble making out which he was, the one walking on his side, or the one walking in his pants. le acts such as picking up a bait box or laying down a table fork and he would suddenly get the feeling that it was his father doing these things or saying the words and it started to give him a creepy sensation. There had always been three tracks to choose from, but now their were only two-tracks to choose from. He later goes into explaining that now in 1941 they have different type of boats then they did in 1904. His son loved the rented outboard and he wanted to achieve single-handed mastery over it. He soon came to realize that he is a father now and that he is much older and it is time to let go of those great memories and make great memories with his son, like his father had done once done with him. He is confused and feeling dizzy and doesn't know which rod he was at the end of. He kept remembering his camping experiences as child and it wasn't much different now. A week had passed by and the trip had been good so far. When the kids went swimming his son had tagged along and he watched him, as his hard little body, skinny and bare pulled up into the water and he himself felt the chill of death. Even though at first he missed the middle track, he was reassured by the tennis courts and something about the way the sun shined onto the tracks.