Rereading America

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The English and the American Dream Throughout the book Rereading America the American Dream is mentioned quite often. The American Dream deals with success and in some people’s definition of money. The definition of the American Dream is different in every person and also every country. English people have an overall definition of the American Dream that has many debatable issues which are controversial, have many risks involved and English people need to realize the importance of them. The interested parties involved in this issue: English people, Americans hiring English immigrants and Americans who are competing with English people for jobs, will also be looked at. There are many debatable issues associated with the Myth of the American Dream interpreted by English people and the reality of this dream. Firstly, many English people believe that if someone can get to America they can become rich, which is not always true. Secondly the majority of English people really don’t understand how difficult it is to get into this country. To achieve citizenship, which is something everyone will probably want if they stay in America long en Continue...

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My father is a good example of coming to America and being successful. Almost everywhere in America there is a homeless person on the side of the street, especially in major cities where most English immigrants are going to live. Thirdly, the English don't realize how much poverty there is in America. As soon as an English person steps off the plane and it is not for vacation, there is a major life changes that begin and the culture shock is very drastic because there are so many cultures already in America. Through this topic there are a couple of parties who will be interested and have different interests about the subject. ough, takes at least ten years and is almost impossible to attain unless English people get an immigration lawyer. The America immigration service can deport anyone who breaks the law and there is not the same access to the normal legal process as there is for citizens. This in turn is going to cost a lot of money because lawyers are expensive. In the end, English people need to see that the importance of this reality, what are the risks and what is controversial about the issue of moving to America and attaining the American Dream. The risks in coming to this country are very severe. Yet I have never met a harder working person in my life than my father, so essentially his success was well deserved. But there are many stories of my fathers friends having to go back to England, either because they could not get citizenship or the job they got was not paying enough for them to support there family. There is a lot of paper work and time involved on both sides and the American people might be interested in how much work it takes for an English person to work in America. In England there are homeless people but it is rare and unnoticeable compared to America. For definite, English people will be interested in how hard it is to come to America and need to know that it is very important to have everything planned before they get to America.


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