Oedipus Rex

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Oedipus All tragic heroes suffer a downfall because of their tragic flaws. In the Greek story of Oedipus, he is responsible for his downfall because of his tragic flaws and his hubris. When Oedipus was born his parents, King Lauis and Queen Jocasta, went to an oracle. They were told Oedipus would kill his father and marry his mother. Jocasta and Lauis didn't want this so they stuck a spike into Oedipus (means swollen foot) ankles and had a servant of theirs leave him on the mountain Citheran. A Shepard brought Oedipus to the king and queen of Cornith, and they became his new parents. He grew up and soon went to an oracle like his real parents had and was told the same exact thing. Oedipus wanted to avoid this and ran away to the city of Thebes where he was born. On his way he came to three roads. There people on a horse and carriage were trying to get h Continue...

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One of the many people he did kill was King Lauis. The gods became very angry with this. This shows a major flaw of Oedipus's life. It brought him right into what he did not want and brought horrible things upon his life and family. In a way people can control their destinies by living their life in a good way and planning things right. And the gods would have spared his family and himself, or that could have just been the way his life was meant to be. Another major tragic flaw of his was his bad temper and how he killed Lauis. im off the road and he soon became angry and killed all of them except one. Oedipus's weaknesses and actions were both reasons that lead to the terrible tragedy he faced. The one who lived was the servant who had saved Oedipus's life on the mountain. He showed stubbornness when he would not listen to Jocasta or anyone else. All this led up to a horrible downfall. Besides his bad temper and his extensive amount of pride, he conveyed stubbornness and impulsive rashness. And he showed rashness by being foolish and cursing his family, trying to kill them and making himself blind.


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