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In Another Country What we do and observe everyday determines us as people. Our reactions, and expressions of our thoughts allow those around us to perceive who we are. Ernest Hemingway shows in the short novel In Another Country the various types of lives people lead, and the issues the face day to day. In this piece Hemingway presents his reader with a variety of characters ranging from the optimistic doctor to Signor Maggiore hardened by war and death. Ernest Hemingway’s method of characterization is a simple system, presenting a few of the characters inner thoughts, and their reactions to their everyday occurrences. One character Hemingway gives insight to early on in the story is the doctor at the hospital who runs the rehabilitation for the injured soldiers. A quote that best exemplifies the doctor’s overall characterization throughout the novel is seen when he is speaking to the main character, “That will all pass. You are a fortunate young man. You will play football again like a champion.”(Hemingway, Ernest, In Another Country, New York: Macmillan publishing, 1974, p. 8) In this excerpt the doctor is telling the main character that his maimed leg will someday be fully rehabilitated. The machines for Continue...

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Something a weak soldier would do in battle that is afraid of death. Hemingway utilizes his simplistic skill of characterization by telling his reader a great deal about Signor Maggiore through the singular answer of "no". Hemingway presents his reader with a main character full of worry and fear all seen in this quote. The author also shows the main character is troubled with inner thoughts, not expressing them to anyone throughout In Another Country. In this quote the doctor expresses his compassion towards the soldiers injuries, and his apologetic nature is also witnessed. Hemingway characterizes the doctor greatly in this simplistic quote, showing him as an optimist who is very caring but not entirely honest with his patients. The main character expresses his sympathetic feelings for him in this quote, "Oh - - -" I said, feeling sick for him " I am so sorry. This shows that the major is used to painful rejections from war, and not receiving the best chances in life. Along with the quote previously given a reaction Signor Maggiore has towards his wife"tms death gives great insight into this character. This short novel is touching presenting an array of characters with diverse emotions, and reactions to each other. Who have done more and received their injuries in battle, while the main character received his in an accident. The major acts ashamed to cry it is considered a sign of weakness to him. This hardened major from the Italian infantry has an injured hand that flaps up and down on a machine. The major"tms deep love for his wife is also seen.


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