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The Philippines has been struggling since WWII to have a steady government and labor system. The economy of the Philippines was virtually destroyed as a result of WWII. Poverty and conflict strained the economic and industrial growth of the country. Several Presidents since WWII have made improvements, but the Philippines is still struggling with poverty and political instability. Approximately 22,000 years ago, short, dark skinned, curly haired Negrito began to migrate to the Philippines from Southeast Asia. Pre- Spanish peoples developed communities called “barangay” after the name of the boat they arrived on. Records show that an advanced civilization evolved, including rice, fishing, weaving mining and trading. They used shell currency and indict writing inscribed on bamboo. Laws were established and a council of elders. The people worshipped ancestors as well as natural forces that governed them. Ferdinand Magellan sailed to the Philippines in 1521. He was accompanied by priests and began colonizations by converting the chiefs and their families to Christianity. Five years later Miguel Lopez de Legaspi arrived from Mexico. He named the islands the Philippines after King Philip II of Spain. Magellan defeate Continue...

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A family member who likes with their parent is considered devoted. d petty chieftains and rewarded those who helped in the conquests with vast tracts of land. Separation of church and state did not happen in the Philippines for 300 years. Fidel Ramos was elected president in May 1992. The Philippines, although they have had significant trouble through World War II have begun to pull together a strong government and economy. Many unique statues of the Virgin Mary stand in the Philippines and many people call her Mama Mary. There is a specific cult devoted to the infant Jesus. The urban Christians are professional workers and office workers. Spain ruled the Philippines from Mexico. Fidel Ramos decreased poverty greatly by increasing exports and labor. World War II had a large impact on the Philippine's history. They took on new ways of culture and began a unique religion in the Philippines.


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