My first trip

             I still remember the first trip to the beach that I took with my close friends. Two years ago, my friends and I went to Tamarindo Beach to rest and enjoy our vacation together. We had been planning this trip for two weeks. During these two weeks we made hotel reservations and bought food and beverages for the trip. Finally, one Friday we left at 6 a.m. to Tamarindo and arrived around 10 a.m.. As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we started to drink at the bar in the swimming pool. A few hours later we were drunk, so we decided to go to the beach. We played a funny soccer game to down the level of alcohol in our blood. It was a funny experience because nobody was able to kick the ball and almost everybody was sick. After the game, we watched the sunset together, and we told stories about our lives and shared our points of view about the future. Then we returned to the hotel, and we ate some snacks. Moreover, we drink another beers and swam in the pool until it got late. Around 12 p.m. we decided to play some games where the loser had to take some shots. A lot of times, I was the loser and therefore I did not remember what else happened during that crazy night. The next morning we took a bicycle ride to some close beaches. I remember vividly the ride to Conchal Beach since it was so pretty. For that reason, we decided to stayed there the rest of the day and enjoy the breathtaking views of this paradise beach. After this exhausting trip to Conchal, we returned to our hotel. The next day, very early, we returned to San José. That was my first and unforgettable trip with my friends.

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