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“Mein Kampf!” Adolf Hitler would say. Adolf Hitler should be the Person Of the
Century. Hitler has changed the world. He caused technology to evolve. Adolf was the
most ruthless killer ever. Adolf Hitler is the scariest person to ever live.

The world was changed by Hitler. Hitler tore up the Treaty of Versailles because
he was restricted to a limited amount of war supplies and soldiers. He killed almost
7,000,000 Jews because they might “contaminate” German blood. Adolf Hitler violated
the Treaty of Versailles by building 2,500 warplanes and created an army of 500,000.
Hitler was evil and power hungry.

Hitler cause technology to evolve. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor thus causing the
United States to use the Atom Bomb which they had originally created to use against
Germany. We made better communication technology such as the Two-way Radio.
Even when we were creating the Atom Bomb, Hitler was creating new weapons such as
the Machine Gun Train. Technology took two steps forward but humanity took one
hundred steps back.

The most ruthless killer to ever live was Hitler. No other single person has ever
killed as many people as he did. Hitler killed over 6,000,000 Jews for his own personal
gain. With the help of Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Mengele, he tortured and killed
over 6,000,000 Jews and about 3,000,000 people who were flawed and didn’t fit into his
perfect community. If it wasn’t for Oscar Schindler and others many more would have
also died. Hitler was a coward and a murderer.

The Person Of the Century should be Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was the most
ruthless killer to ever live. Hitler caused technology to evolve. Hitler has changed the
world. Hitler was probably the first person to have a definite seat in Hell and that’s
where he deserves to be. That is why Hitler is the Person Of the Century.

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