Roman Achievements

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Where would the world be today without the founding of the Roman Household and the idea of paterfamilias, advances in science and medicine, and the many changes in Christianity and marriage practices? It is hard to imagine what our society would be like without a “head” of the household, medicine for illness, science for technology, and Christianity along with marriage practices. The Romans made many advances in science and medicine. Archimedes of Syracuse founded the formulas of spheres and cylinders, the actual number of pi which is used mostly for a circle’s circumference, as well as other discoveries in astronomy and engineering (Osheim and Roberts 138). Archimedes also invented the water snail which was “a screw like device to raise water for irrigation…which made it possible to irrigate previously barren land” (Osheim and Roberts 138). The idea of astronomy first came from advances in mathematics (Osheim and Roberts 138). The Romans used to believe that the sun revolved around the earth, when in 275 B.C., Aristarchus of Samos made the hypothesis that the earth really revolves around the sun, and then in 135 B.C., Hipparchus of Nicaea proved this hypothesis correct (Osheim and Roberts 138). Many other m Continue...

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These Romans deserve an enormous amount of credit for what they have accomplished, for without them, who knows where society would be today. Scientific discoveries helped the army with technology. Women can choose who they want to marry, for their fathers no longer have to pick a partner for them. They were able to build engines and bombs for war, ways of transportation, and many other industrial wonders. Women were not legal, for they were considered a piece of property. Before Christianity was formed, women were not allowed to turn down a marriage, for their father would make them marry whomever they picked, men did not have to be faithful, and divorce was not an option (Osheim and Roberts 241). Even in the twenty-first century, more than two thousand years later, the laws and guidelines of Christianity are still being followed. Cheating on your spouse or partner is a sin and one will be punished at the end of his life. One of the "leading scientific beneficiaries was Herophilus of Chalcedon, a practicing physician in Alexandria, for he found that the brain was the center of the nervous system, as well as the first dissection of the human, and the discovery of the ovaries (Osheim and Roberts 139). edical advances were made around this time, such as cross-fertilization and the first dissection of a human. The oldest male in the family, usually the father, but sometimes the grandfather was known as the paterfamilias, which had supreme power within the household (Osheim and Roberts 160). The scientists would practice dissecting on criminals that were condemned to death (Osheim and Roberts 138). Even if an individual's spouse dies, one must remain loyal to himher because heshe is still technically married to the deceased person. Saving yourself for one person is like saving yourself for God.


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