Jordan's Jargon

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June Jordan is a profound writer and spokesperson for Black Americans. Her views on the dialect called ‘Black English’, however, are quite arrogant and egotistical. Granted, the acknowledgment of other dialects in the United States is beneficial. Her views that it should be taught as separate English and possibly recognized as another ‘standard’ English language, is far too impractical and selfish. Much like white teenagers have their own jargon, Black English is just another informal way of communication amongst peers. ‘Standard’ English has been in practice for an extremely long time. It could be still debated as to the reasons that the ‘proper’ way to speak English is considered proper and why Black English is not considered an acceptable formal and taught language. My own opinion is two-fold. One, when slaves were brought to America, they had no formal training in the English language. They picked up only slight phrases from their owners and just learned as best as they possibly could, given the circumstances. My second opinion is that possibly, in order to rebel against the whites who treated blacks as terribly as they did, they came up with their own jargon that broke a number of ‘standard’ English rule Continue...

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Such a selfish, egotistical, ridiculous idea! Why change what already works Especially when it has been universally accepted. This helps to prove that it is not because anyone has a hatred for Black Americans in general or their lingo, it is a matter of tradition and custom that is drilled into our heads since pre-school. It is because everyone who speaks any form of English can understand what is being said to them when Standard English is used. Unfortunately, our society is built on being correct and incorrect. The persistent use of the word "like"tm and "uh"tm and "so"tm are very apparent in any conversation. It is different for all Americans no matter their color, race, origin or whatnot. There is either a correct spelling or an incorrect spelling of every word. (274) This comment sounds almost hateful to the white population. They enjoy them and employ in them also. However, she does recognize the fact that "standard"tm English has been in practice for a long period of time. To teach students how to speak this other language would further complicate the already difficult rules English speakers have to follow. Saying "rule no 4: Forget about the spelling. She never gets into the origin of Black English in her piece. When required to read it on paper it is confusing and often hard to follow.


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