Love and passion

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Discovering Fire “After man has mastered the winds the waves and the tides, some day he will harness for God the energies of love, and then for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire” (Teilhard de Jardin) This thought has held me captive from the time it touched my eyes and ears and heart. It has fueled continual ponderings on myself and on the world. To simply talk of love in wholeness - Affection, Friendship, Eros and Charity (Lewis definition in The Four Loves) is left best for large books. They are all beautiful parts, but my place in life has urged me to delve into the intimate side of love – to talk about the Act of Marriage. A risky endeavor, as did C.S Lewis, I will write before I fully experience intimacy at it’s finest. It is a time for me to find and give a voice of reason to the strong feelings and beliefs in my heart. Beliefs that will and have caused heated and well argued opposition in my life. This paper will endeavor to make clear that the lies about love and marriage told in the traditions of the world will not and have not helped man to discover the fire of love, but that intimate love, purified through God holds mo Continue...

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Making love can be defined, at best as a loving, physical intimate exchange between two consenting adults, though no consideration is giving to gender, marital status or to one's spirit. It injures the potential bond between a man and a woman and can play havoc with feelings of not only physical but spiritual purity. But now I loved -with a pureness- an intensity of elevated, exalted feeling, which would lift my soul from the transitory things of this groveling sphere and expand it as an ocean. I could now love with the spirit and with understanding also.... (Smith, 41) The more pure we are the greater our passion, and the greater our capacity to be truly intimate. In this world sex is seen, joked about and discussed everywhere, but in the bonds of marriage it is private and sacred and rejoiced in. It puts us in tune with ourselves, and with God and the universe, and makes us whole. (Internet article) On another level Psychiatrist and medical researcher David Larson after researching the subject says, " Religious women are most satisfied with the frequency of intercourse... and were more orgasmic than are non religious In Dr Wendy Watsons book Purity and Passion she talks of "having sex and making love being phrases we seem to have inherited that perpetuate the paradigm of the world. The ways of love are God's ways and being his spirit children we are by our very nature love receptive - we individually generate and call down love. I have come to know that when love is pure and real, with all illusions eliminated, it allows time and simple silence to work their wonders, and then speak wonders when time and duplicity have made one ache for simplicity. And are saying that these too are lies about love.