Animal Behavior

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Animal Behavior Psychology, a field of study in which knowing why people behave the way do is an important aspect into advancing our knowledge and our understanding of humans and human behavior. In order to achieve this advance, psychologists undergo research-involving animals. You might be thinking, what things can animals do to explain why I behave the way I do, well, the answer is, a lot! Although Animals are not humans, by studying animals and animal behavior psychologist along with many other people have been able to prove time and again that animals are part of the key into clearing up the storm that is human behavior. Animal behavior, the way different kinds of animals behave, which has fascinated inquiring minds since at least the time of Plato and Aristotle. The things that have been particularly intriguing are the animals ability to perform complicated tasks, such as, weave a web, build a nest, sing a song, find a home, or capture food, with little or no instruction. Such behavior can be viewed from two very different perspectives. Either animals learn everything they do from "nurture", or they know what to do instinctively from nature. Neither extreme has proven to be correct. Many different people, who have ha Continue...

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Next being rewarded only when it stands next to the bar, then only when it touches the bar with its body, and so on, until the behavior is shaped to suit the task". Through conditioning, they believe an animal's behavior is formed. Darwin believed that the adaptations that were necessary for survival were passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, each generation will improve adaptively over the preceding generations and this gradual and continuous process is the source of the evolution of species. Animal research has shown learning processes and methods such as, operant conditioning and classical conditioning. Animal research has allowed us to learn the affect of drugs on humans, and has donated to many treatments in such things as self-esteem, autistic children, and genetics. "Natural selection is only part of Darwin's vast conceptual scheme" he also introduced the concept that all related organisms are descended from common ancestors. Darwin's theory was "evolution by natural selection". He found that dogs automatically salivate at the sight of food. Animal research has aided in the advances in human society in all aspects of life and should be continued as long as the cost does not out-weigh the benefits. One of the best-known theories on animal behavior is the behaviorist theory whose best-known figures are probably J. Animal research has contributed greatly to the knowledge of why humans act the way they do.


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