Changing economies

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Changing Economies The mentality of today’s worker focuses on not only providing what is necessary to survive for their own life as well as that of their family, but also thrives for a life of luxury and comfort. Society today is based upon principles that promote a strong work ethic that buys us comfort and satisfaction. A capitalistic society, spawned by a growth of industry and a driven force of consumers, is one that encourages luxury and self-fulfillment through material items. On the other end of the spectrum there exists a society of which a person accustomed to the life of free trade and open markets can barely comprehend. This is a life of self-sufficiency, a life in which a community may only produce what is absolutely necessary for survival. This is the self-reliant society where there is nothing to enjoy, the only goal in life is to merely stay alive. There is no surplus, there is no currency used as a means of trade, nor does this society have any consumers trading as they please. Free and open markets are considered to be the key elements in our current time of prosperity. One who is accustomed to such a life of luxury and wealth potential may find it difficult to understand a life of a worker during Continue...

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Considering the mindset of Nobles, which was to fulfill their vassalage with their King as well as live a life of superiority, there was only one way to maintain land and that was to hire out serfs who were peasants that farmed the land and protected their noble vassal. In these harsh living conditions, survival was the only thing people thought about. Basically, the dark ages were between 476 CE to 1500 CE (Pluta 79). Royalty expanded its wealth, not only by taxes, but by stealing from subjects of other royalty. From Adam and Eve to Adam Smith, Massachesetts: Copley Publishing Group, 2000. Once the feudal system broke up in Europe, there was a rise in international trade as well as agricultural prosperity that resulted in surpluses. In theory, a free market is self-controlled.


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