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Running head: ATTACHMENT STYLE Attachment Style According to Ainsworth Attachment Style According to Ainsworth Discovering one’s attachment style can prove to be both enriching and interesting. Through this discovery one can get a better understanding of one of the many different aspects of one’s personality. Through the carefully created questionnaire I was able to discover my infant attachment style; a securely attached, type B infant. I found that the behaviors I had as a child were supported by past research, in specific research conducted by Mary Ainsworth. Ainsworth asserted that there were three types of attachment styles during child development. They consisted of the securely attached baby (type B), the insecure/anxious-avoidant baby (type A), and the insecure/anxious-resistant baby (type C) (Santrock, 1999). These three attachment styles can be easily discovered through observations of the child’s behavior and/or a series of simple questions. From the questionnaire created it was quickly apparent that I was a type B baby since I showed almost no characteristics of the other two types. In specific, I tended to explore my surround Continue...

This differs from type A and C babies who do not even pay attention to the mother (type A) or infants who cling to the mother constantly (type C). If however, she was not within my visual field I came back looking for her. She asserted that I was very comfortable interacting with others, and usually strangers too, given enough time to acquaint myself to them. In another study Blehar, Liebermann, and Ainsworth (1977) divided the type B baby into two subgroups, type B3, type B1, and B2. Another important characteristic that my mother mentioned was my affectionate behavior. Ainsworth and Russel (1981) reported that this is a common behavior of type B babies. The research mentioned above seems to be a clear indication of my attachment style.