It is a tendency to practice democracy over the world. There are lots of governments in the world which are trying their best to promote a sense of democracy for their nationals. Obviously, we can find that there are still some areas in Hong Kong where we cannot have freedom, such as freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and so on .In order to make such a change, therefore, it is more than urgent to propagate democracy in our society. For us to do this , the best way is that we should cultivate such a sense in our youngsters who are ,as it has always been said, the future pillars of our society. As we all know, our future masters are still in school, the target, therefore, should be set on students in their campus life. Therefore, we should consider what the meaning of democracy is.
             No one can doubt the meaning that a democratic society is a society in which people can have their own opinions, choices, speeches to choose anything freely and are not disturbed by any persons. As we know more about democratic system in school, we will have democratic society in Hong Kong sooner or later.
             Organizing a student’s union has its undeniable role in promoting democracy in school. As the students can cast their votes to decide which the best union is. They will cater for the students?needs. In the short run, it can ensure that their own ballots would influence the election results and their votes would be respected in that it can have our just and equal system in school.
             What is also worth noticing is that by offering an opportunity for the students to express their own views, it is a good idea that students can enjoy freedom of press.
             For example, students can write articles to express what they think and what they need that they may be fulfilled by the school. Furthermore, the school authority should examine their opinions one by one, and give the responses seriously.

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