Fahrenheit 451

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The novel Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury. The book was published in 1953. The setting of the novel is a very important part of the book. There are many different settings that take place, not only in this book but in every book. Setting is something like time, place, and social background in which the story unfolds. This book has Historical Setting, Physical Setting, and Social Settings. The Historical Setting in this book takes place in a future America. In the book it shows us that it takes place in a future America Continue...

because of the things they use and do different. The mechanical hound is something like a police car but it runs itself and has many more advantages. Like people do not go out and walk around anymore, they are stuck watching the television. Some of the things he put in his book about the "future America are here with us today, and there is probably still more to come. It helps the police find something or someone they are looking for. The Social Setting is the customs and beliefs like the people with books are being burned. Fahrenheit 451 Has many different settings, places, and times. Like when they are looking for Montag they use the mechanical hound. The Physical Setting is definitely different. The doors speak and the little earplug radios is all a part of the physical setting. Technology is so more advanced in this book. The fireman do not stop the fires but start them and they do not read books anymore and if someone is found doing so or has possession of one there house is burned by the fireman. Bradbury has accomplished many things in his book in which is amazing today.