League of Nations

             The Austro-Hungarian Heir-Presumptive, the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, and his wife, the Duchess of Hohenberg, were assassinated yesterday morning at Serajevo, the capital of Bosnia. The actual assassin is described as a high school student, who fired bullets at his victims with fatal effect from an automatic pistol as they were returning from a reception at the Town Hall.
             The outrage was evidently the fruit of a carefully-laid plot. On their way to the Town Hall the Archduke and his Consort had narrowly escaped death. An individual, described as a compositor from Trebinje, a garrison town in the extreme south of Herzegovina, had thrown a bomb at their motor-car. Few details of this first outrage have been received. It is stated that Archduke warded off the bomb with his arm, and that it exploded behind the car, injuring the occupants of the second carriage. The author of the second outrage is stated to be a native of Grahovo, in Bosnia. No information as to his race or creed is yet forthcoming. It is presumed that he belongs to the Serb or Orthodox section of the Bosnian population.
             Both criminals were immediately arrested, and were with difficulty saved from being lynched.
             While this tragedy was being enacted in the Bosnian capital, the aged Emperor Francis Joseph was on his way from Vienna to his summer residence at Ischl. He had an enthusiastic send-off from his subjects in Vienna and an even more enthusiastic reception on reaching Ischl.
             SERAJEVO, JUNE 28, 9.30 P.M.—To-day at 9.50 a.m. the Imperial train conveying the Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his Consort arrived here from Ilidzhe. After inspecting the troops on the Filipovitch parade ground the august visitors drove in a motor-car along the station road and the Appel Quay to the Town Hall.
             The first attempt, when the bomb was thrown, took place at 10.15, as the car was driving along the Appel Quay, just before reaching the Chumuria Bridge. An Aide-de-Camp seated ...

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