Paradise Lost-Satan and Eve

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Since the beginning of Paradise Lost, a reader can witness the dramatizing power possessed by Satan, and how he takes advantage of this very power in order to satisfy his own causes. One such property of Satan’s fantastic powers is his ability to manipulate any individual into a false belief of who he really is, and therefore prevent a habitant of paradise from discovering his true purpose that is hidden behind his actions. One such example of this, and one of the most major in the epic, are the events that occur in Book IX involving Satan and Eve around the forbidden tree. Here, Satan uses, what is to Eve, excellent reasoning to convince her to eat the forbidden fruit, thereby exploiting Eve’s weakness. These methods are very persuasive, and later lead to the downfall of Eve, Adam, and the future of mankind. Before a reader may look upon the confrontation between Eve and Adam, we must look into the reasoning of Satan as he approaches his foes. Satan recognized that both Adam and Eve were not of equal superiority, and learning that Eve was born of Adam’s rib, quickly concluded that she was inferior to Adam, and easily the weakest religiously of the two. Since Eve was born from the body of Adam, she praises Adam as h Continue...

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248-249 lines 540-548):""By gift, and thy celestial beauty adore,With ravishment beheld""who shouldst be seenA Goddess among Gods, adored and servedBy Angels numberless, thy daily train"tmUsing this flattery to compliment her beauty, and allowing her to recognize the fact that all of Eden"tms animals adore her, he slyly inserts the proposition that will allow her to become greater in power and being, "A Goddess among Gods," rivaling the omnipotent power possessed by God. 246 lines 463-466):That space the Evil One abstracted stoodFrom his own evil, and for the time remainedStupidly good, of enmity disarmed,Of guile, of hate, of envy, of revenge. As we learn, Satan is fortunate enough to have such and encounter, and successfully meets Eve alone (p. Satan"tms only method that he used in order to convince Eve to actually eat the forbidden fruit is simply based upon the gifts that God bestowed on Eve and the rest of mankind: free will. Upon being led to the forbidden tree, Eve recognizes easily (p. er own god, whereas Adam praises God as his. "tmDespite her knowledge that eating the fruit is wrong under the eyes of God, she sees her reason as her law, and her only law. It is this reasoning that Satan was thankful, for upon entering Paradise in order to persuade the couple to commit the first sin; he hoped that he would encounter Eve alone, which would make it easier to benefit from her weakness and inferiority. It portrays two innocent beings; the first of humankind, and how simple methods used by Satan convinces Eve to commit sin, and therefore Adam to do the same. By pursuing Eve"tms vanity, she falls subject to his irresistible flattery and forms a trust in the evil reptile, allowing Satan to easily conquer mankind. When questioned how he attained the ability to talk and interact, he simply answered that he ate the fruit of the tree, and received the knowledge equal to that of a human. Immediately, this inserts the subject of curiosity into the mind of Eve, whose free will allows her to wonder exactly why the fruit of the tree is forbidden. Why does God refuse to give knowledge to a man through a fruit that a beast has already tasted and evolved from It is this reasoning inserted into her mind by Satan that finally convinces Eve to engulf the forbidden fruit. It is this same dedication that throughout Satan"tms conversation with Eve, he does not allow her to retreat back to Adam in order to lose such an ideal situation. 251-252 lines 651-654):""But of this tree we may not taste nor touch;God so commanded, and left that commandSole daughter of his voice: the rest, we liveLaw to our selves; our reason is our law.


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