Dodge Vipers

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The Dodge Viper The Dodge Viper is a very impressive sports muscle car it is also a car that many people have heard of. It comes from an extensive history dating back many years, from a family of many different types and models of the Viper. The Dodge Viper has evolved from the beginning to what it is now. The car is one that will always be remembered not only for it’s looks but also for it’s style and the mark it has made in the American automobile industry. History The Dodge Viper started at The Chrysler Corporation and The Dodge Viper Team, “Team Viper.” Team Viper was created in the late 1980’s when a group of four men, Robert A. Lutz, Carroll Shelly, Tom Gale, and Francois Casting considered to be the “Four Fathers” of the Viper, came together and formed Team Viper. These four men came together to produce a car that contained the modern technology of their day for under $100,000. Their first prototype car called VM01 (the first Dodge Viper RT/10) was completed in December of 1989. In 1990 the first Dodge Viper RT/10 was produced and put on show. The first Dodge Viper contained a V8 engine. But later on the Dodge Viper RT/10 contained a V10. In May 1990 the Dodge Viper was released and was Continue...

"The Dodge Viper has the fastest acceleration time from 0-60 in 4. It is one of the most common Vipers around. Such cars as the Shelly Vipers and the Venom Vipers have been produced. The RT10 is a more relaxed and fun car than the other Vipers. The GTS is a more redefined car than the original. It was created to be a sports car and was not meant to deal with other sports cars. It's a roadster know for it's speed and power. The GTS also has a brother named the GTS-R. Since the creation of the Viper in 1989 and public debut of the Viper in 1992 it has become a very popular car. The RT10 is a great car that produces a lot of fun. I have also dreamed of owning a Dodge Viper since I was about 13 years old. The dashboard within the GTS is different from the GTS Coupe and so are the dials. Various people like Carroll Shelly created his own signature line of the Dodge Viper also altered the Viper. It is also more streamlined for better performance.