Summary of Eudora Welty

             “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty details the struggles of an old woman and the
             ultimate triumph of her perseverance. The story opens with Phoenix Jackson beginning
             her arduous journey down the path towards town. Along the path, she encounters many
             obstacles that hinder her progress. Phoenix’s first roadblock, a hill, she climbs very
             slowly. Her next trial comes when her dress catches a thorn bush. These experiences do
             not faze Phoenix at all. She simply states, “Thorns, you doing your appointed work.”
             After crossing a creek and escaping a barbed-wire fence, she continued her voyage into
             town. Suddenly, a black dog came out of the weeds and ran at Phoenix. With no time to
             react, Phoenix fell into a ditch. A young white man came and “saved” Phoenix. The man
             continually insulted Phoenix’s intelligence by calling her “Granny” and making the
             following comment, “I know you old colored people! Wouldn’t miss going to town to see
             Santa Claus!” Despite the jolt to her pride, Phoenix remained upbeat. Before parting ways
             with the hunter, Phoenix “discovers” a previously dropped nickel on the ground. Upon
             reaching the city, it greets Phoenix with all the lights and euphoria surrounding a
             community during the holidays. Her countless obstacles continued when she attempted to
             scale the steps leading into the doctor’s office. After arriving at the doctor’s office,
             Phoenix nearly forgot why she had come. However, not even this setback could deter
             Phoenix from completing her task. She soon remembered that she had come to the doctor
             to get more medicine for her ailing grandson. In yet another act of kindness, Phoenix used
             the money gained from the hunter and from the attendant to purchase a paper windmill for
             her grandson. With this final act of kindness, Phoenix began her journey home. “A Worn
             Path” shows how, despite numerous setbacks, a person can achieve...

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