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School? Schools in America today are in desperate need for reform. In American high schools today there lies some problems we all can’t ignore. The first problem is attendance and the rules behind it. Another is parents’ not caring or giving there kids the values they need. Finely there are the students who don’t care about school at all. First of all, there is a legal reason that students must attend school. By law each student must complete a specifi Continue...

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c amount of school days per year, 186. Only then can we stop the problem where it stands. It's the parent's responsibility to make sure our children attend school. It is then up to the student to determine weather or not heshe will make a future for themselves. For example, if a student misses more than nine unexcused days that student and his parents must meet with administration. If your child is ditching or skipping classes, it should be the parent's responsibility to discipline that child and find a solution. We are all to blame for the problems and finding a solution to these problems is necessary. We as parents must provide our kids with a future because lets face it, without an education our children have no future. It is the administration's decision whether or not to make that student attend night school or to hold that students credits. If a student fails to meet these requirements, actions will be taken. Often times parents think it is the teachers responsibility to find an answer for their children missing classes, when in fact it's not. In conclusion there are many problems with our schools, and not all of them have answers. We as a society must come together to correct the problem standing in front of us.


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