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Roseanne Becomes A Role Model It’s eight o’clock in the evening, I have settled down on the couch to watch some primetime television. As I flip through the channels I realize how superficial and unrealistic the actresses truly are. I also began to notice one common thread between all of the women portrayed on television; most look like they just got done with a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan or Playboy. The men portrayed seem to be a little more realistic and down to earth. This brought out a startling realization that men can be just the guys next door; while women need to be drop dead gorgeous. The “Roseanne” sitcom is the only show that I can think of that didn’t fit these generalizations. When looking back at what I gained from watching “Roseanne,” the television sitcom from the late eighties, I see a woman who wasn’t afraid to tell the world, “World, this is who I am. Deal with it!” I really feel Roseanne lived by this motto. She was over-weight boisterous, sometimes downright obnoxious person, but she always seemed to have her heart in the right place. She was a positive role model to many, encouraging many women to show off to society who they really are, giving us a sense of inn Continue...

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We as a society are a whole lot more understanding to adverse looks since Roseanne began and even more so since it ended. In fact, Roseanne and people with weight management problems make up approximately sixty percent of the U. All it will take is another Roseanne, another three-dimensional character most all girls can relate to in some way. Teens are the ones prone to eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia usually inspired by the way sitcoms portray their images at their age. America needs more Roseanne's out there to come forward and tell the television writers and creators that American women represent the majority of the population, and they want to see more shows that they can relate to. Why not try giving another Roseanne, better yet, a teenaged Roseanne a chance . Teenaged girls watch countless hours of sitcoms, MTV, and read plenty of magazines directed at "how to present oneself as the norm in society. The Drew Carey Show unfortunately depicts the usual role for an over-weight female character named "Mimi. Nobody started over-eating to look like Roseanne (nor really wanted to), but she inspired many to believe that it is all right to be over-weight. Roseanne broke into the nineties with ratings higher than ever. American women did not have to compete with her, only themselves. She's downright mean and unlikable to many, stirring countless hours of laughter by insensitive males stemmed at her looks. This show depicts an over-weight star, Drew Carey, a balding, middle-aged man whom most would consider a loser.


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