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During in-class activity, I saw George (18mos) sat quietly at the corner where the toddlers were playing flannel board. I ran over to George to see if anything wrong. I realized that George need a diaper changes because I felt the diaper is heavy, wet, and smell. I took George over the diaper area and settled him on the table. I asked, “are you pee or poo” then he looked at me and I gave him a smile. Then I unwrapped the diaper and took out the wiper. I said, “you ready, this will be cold,” I lifted his legs up and wiped his bottom. George cried as I wiped his bottom, and he said, “Mommy, I want mommy.” I reply “Mommy is working, she will pick you up later”, then I took a new diaper and wrapped him up. However, George still crying, I asked him “ Look at the bird on the wall.” George looked up on the wall and pointed his finger at the bird. I said “you did a good job, you are done, go wash your hand.” I carried George off the table, and he went to the basin and washed his hand. Then I put away the dirty diaper and cleaned up the area. 2. Describe your supervision and involvement in an outdoor environment. I was supervising outdoor play. Some children were in the sand area, some were playing in the playhouse, and the other was playing with bubble balloon. Out of the corner of my eyes in the sand area, I saw Issac (19mos) held up a shovel with sand in it, and he was about to throw the sand in the shovel at Zillia (18mos). I ran immediately over to Issac and told him “ no Issac, you have to play gentle with your hands.” Issac put down the shovel and looked at me. I told him “ why don’t you play sand drawing with me.” Then I sat down and drew a happy face in the sand. I told him “look, it is a happy face”, and Issac smile and he sat down on the sand. He started to draw several snake lines in the sand with his finger. Zillia saw the drawing, she also sat down and drawing along ...

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