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During in-class activity, I saw George (18mos) sat quietly at the corner where the toddlers were playing flannel board. I ran over to George to see if anything wrong. I realized that George need a diaper changes because I felt the diaper is heavy, wet, and smell. I took George over the diaper area and settled him on the table. I asked, “are you pee or poo” then he looked at me and I gave him a smile. Then I unwrapped the diaper and took out the wiper. I said, “you ready, this will be cold,” I lifted his legs up and wiped his bottom. George cried as I wiped his bottom, and he said, “Mommy, I want mommy.” I reply “Mommy is working, she will pick you up later”, then I took a new diaper and wrapped him up. However, George still crying, I asked him “ Look at the bird on the wall.” George looked up on the wall Continue...

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Out of the corner of my eyes in the sand area, I saw Issac (19mos) held up a shovel with sand in it, and he was about to throw the sand in the shovel at Zillia (18mos). Then I put away the dirty diaper and cleaned up the area. I carried George off the table, and he went to the basin and washed his hand. I told him "look, it is a happy face, and Issac smile and he sat down on the sand. Zillia saw the drawing, she also sat down and drawing along side with Issac. But when I looked over the bubble area, I saw George (18 mos) was splashing water on Andrew (18 mos). I said "you did a good job, you are done, go wash your hand. Finally, I gave George the tube, and he took it and blew the bubble. Then I sat down and drew a happy face in the sand. Issac put down the shovel and looked at me. I told him " why don't you play sand drawing with me. Describe your supervision and involvement in an outdoor environment. After that, I looked over at the playhouse nearby, and everything looked perfectly fine because all the children at the playhouse were playing safely.


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