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OBSERVATION REPORT The physical setting was that of a typical modern band room. Immediatly upon entering the room you see silver lockers all along and half way up the back wall, the wall to the left, and wall to the right. The top half of the mauve colored walls were stratigically covered with soft lavender sound buffers. Also, on the top half were several posters of various famous musicians in history. The front wall had the white board, several shelves and cubbies to house the currant music being used and for turned in assignments. In front there was also a foor to ceiling cabnet full of new sound equipment and a sink with a drinking faucet. The chairs were arranged in a standard semi-circle band formation. Clarenets, saxaphones, and trumpets were on the left; flutes, trombones and tubas were on the right. Center of the semi-circle was the directors podium and a piano. At the rear of the semi-circle of chairs were the precussion instruments. Tympanies were on the left, the bass drum in the middle, and the snare drums on the right. In the morning, the teacher arranged the chairs in wide rows and placed a stand between every other chair. Each row of chairs was placed underneath each row of flourecent lights. Continue...

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The teacher then would have the students go over music that they had been working on. The students would comply until a student would ask a question or the teacher needed to attend to an individual need. At the beginning of each class he would have the students stretch their arms and fingers and do finger and breathing exercises. One thing from this observation that I think I learned about myself is that I seem to have a natural ability to interact with the more struggling students constructively and help them figure out a solution to what ever problem they where having. I am not sure if this observation had any definate effect on my decision of whether or not to be a teacher. Some of the classes went smoothly were others were just short of caos. I found myself feeling sorry for the teacher in a way and notice a desire to come help him for FREE on a regular basis. I found it to be distracting to the other students. This behavior seemed to be acceptable because the teacher ignored it. In most of the classes, once they got started, you could feel a sense of teamwork and pride from creating something together. I feel that if the students would put their belongings in their lockers or under their chairs and out of the walking space it would have been easier to get around without potentially tripping. The teacher would clearly state his directions. Another thing I would do differently is to manage the students with a tighter grip. There were a few deaf students in the teachers classes who had sign language interpreters with them.


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