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Police Police in New York City could easily have one of the hardest jobs in the United States. They have the most citizens and one of the highest crime rates in the states. They have to deal with many different walks of life. They also have the largest police force in the United States. They have to deal with so many different types of situations and deal with them correctly. So the new police chief, Howard Sarif has instilled in his men more physical ways of protecting the public. Since Sarif was appointed the crime rate in New York City has gone down by an astounding rate of 55 percent. People feel that Sarif’s ways are harsher and too physical for them. But I would believe that the crime rate going down by 55 percent is proof enough that he is doing a good job. Needless to say his antics may bee outdates or focused on a certain race, but the main thing is that crime is down. The job of the police is to protect the public. By bringing crime down, you therefore have a much better chance of protecting the public. One thing that I found to be interesting is that other cities notice that New York City’s crime rate has gone down significantly. When they saw this they felt that should try Continue...

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In the overall schema of everything, the NY police department has done these to its fullest. Baltimore is the latest to copy them. The public believes that the police department is violating the public's rights. I believe that this is a great tactic used by the New York City police department. Riots could even break out like they did in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. They can say they are stopping crime before it happens, because they have implemented a couple of techniques that have deterred criminals from committing crime. They are now protecting the public better than they used to. When I look at the situation, I know that I would be less likely to commit crime if I were in New York City. Some people say that the country's economical status has brought on the radical decline of crime in NY city. This could cause great demise in the police force. The mayor is the spokesperson of the city and he "boasts about the force. Another reason for the decline could be because of New York's special unit, better know as the Street Crimes unit. A group of officers dressed like regular civilians gives criminals the fear of never knowing when it could all come crumbling down on top of them.


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