Galileo& His Impact on Society

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Known to some people as the father of modern science, Galileo impacted this field in such a way that he was put on trial for going against the Catholic Church?s beliefs, because he supported the Copernican theory that the Earth revolved around the sun. The Church?s belief was that the Earth was in the center of the universe and all heavenly bodies went around the Earth (geocentric theory or Ptolemaic theory, followers of Aristotle believed this too). His improvement on the telescope helped him see celestial objects in the night sky, which no one had ever done before (using a telescope to observe the heavens). He saw the imperfections of the universe, which offended the Church as well (the Church believed all celestial bodies were perfect). One of these observations were the dark spots on the sun (sunspots). During the trial, the Holy Office of the Inquisition (the Church) forced Galileo to say that he did not believe in Copernicus? theory. As he was being taken away to prison, it is said he had whispered, ?Eppur si muove,? ? But still it moves ? referring to the Earth. Galileo was an active and outgoing man. He had several friends, from professors and noblemen to members of the Church, artists, and traders. He loved to Continue...

Since the Church found Galileo a heretic, a quiet ceremony was held and he was buried in a cemetery in the family church in Florence. Galileo Galilei is best known for enhancing the telescope, which was invented by a Dutchman named Hans Lippershey in 1608. Another accomplishment he did was the publishing of Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations Concerning Two New Sciences (force and motion). The Pope, however, changed the punishment to house arrest. He made the magnification of the then called spyglass about 32 to 33 times greater than the original. It rocks because the axis of spin is not perpendicular to its equator and it does not revolve around the Earth at a constant speed. His punishment was prison for life. All his books, like Starry Messenger and Letters on Sunspots, were banned and copies of Dialogue were burned. An inventor as well, Galileo created other useful materials, such as the thermoscope. The Church didnt allow him to leave to see a doctor. Galileo decided to go to Rome to reason with Pope Paul IV. He went against his beliefs to please the Church. Sir Isaac Newton used it to help him discover the laws of gravity and motion twenty-seven years later. Galileo also discovered four moons revolving around Jupiter in the night sky.