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For what reason do women alter themselves cosmetically? Why do they alter themselves in any way? Why do they wear high heals, make-up, change their hair, wear push up bras, wax? All of these are done in order and try and achieve the status of today’s standards. What’s the reason behind women trying to achieve this? The answer is envy. The standards of beauty in America are getting stricter and stricter. American women are constantly bombarded with images of barbie-doll like images through the media. Hollywood and ads are consistently made up of thin, healthy, voluptuous, young women who are genetically blessed in all the right places. When the average women of America are hit with the images of these women getting the guy, the car, the money, whatever it may be, this is how we get a market for plastic surgery and other strange procedures for body alteration. The women of America see what kind of women are portrayed as ideal and strive to fit that image. It is envy that shapes the thought of how to dress, how to act, how to eat for women. Women are judged on how they are presented , accordi Continue...

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It is not women"tms fault but the media, which is dictating what we call beautiful. Also presentation of the body shape, skin, etc. It says if your a women who looks like this, the only thing your lacking to get this male model is better breath. Women have always been based on what they look like while men on what they can provide, and less on their appearance. It all boils down to this, the fact that the women who is portraying this powerful statement is one of the genetically blessed, she is super model-like. Women see this ad and envy the fact that she is the one in control, they want to be her so this adds to their conscious saying that in order to achieve this stature, they have to look like her. Colder breath is just the beginning". She is dressed in a high cut dress with a neckline that exposes most of her cleavage. This is why men prefer younger women, when the age of women starts to interrupt with the ability to bear children, men do not find women to be that attractive. Across the middle of the ad it reads, "10:00 PM steps out for a moment""" 8:00 AM lands in Sydney". In the beginning of human existence the predominate concern for males was finding a mate who was fitting for reproduction. She is yet another thin, slender, young looking female with nice curves. This beach is frozen, the waves are frozen in place, the lovers have a few icicles on them.


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