How to Wait Tables at a Restaurant

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When going out to eat do you ever take a look at all of the workers running around and wonder what it is like to be on the other side? Waiting tables is not an easy thing to do. Dealing with all types of people every day can be fun and amusing most of the time but not always. There will always be someone that wants to complain. When the guests are seated at the restaurant they must be greeted within forty-five seconds of being seated. Tell the customer a little about the restaurant and let them know of any specials that might be offered at the restaurant and then take their drink orders. Suggest an appetizer and take the order if they want one. Then go and ring the orders in. This means to enter the orders for the drinks and appetizers into the computer to let the kitchen know. Bring the drinks to the table along with anything else the restaurant offers such as bread or chips and salsa. If the guests have questions about the menu then answer them and help to make a selection by suggesting one of your favorite meals offered there. Take the order of the entrée and if the entrée they order can have things added to it, such as chicken or shrimp, ask if they would like to add it. Offer them soup or a salad as a first c Continue...

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Remind the guests to save room for dessert but do not say dessert. Give refills and ask them if there is anything else the need to go with their meal. Get ready for your next guests and watch to see if people come and sit at one of your tables so you can greet them soon and not leave them waiting. Pre-bussing is simply clearing off any dishes or glasses that are not being used anymore and disposing of them in the sink in the back of the restaurant. Even if the day has not been that great or if something is bothering you it is important to keep a positive attitude for your customer. This will improve the odds of you getting a better tip which is the reason for being a waitress and it will also make the customer feel better as well. Along the way check on any other tables you may have and see if they need refills or not and pre-bus the tables. If there is any problem with the food apologize for the inconvenience, offer them something else, and immediately get the manager if it is the quality of the food that is a problem. Offering a piece of cheesecake or apple pie usually works better because it sounds better After everything is taken off of the tables present to them the dessert tray and ask if they would like any. It is good to remember who ordered what because sometimes people do not even remember what they have ordered themselves and they will be impressed that you have remembered in the first place. Remove the soup bowls and salad plates and deliver the entree to the customers. Come back with the soup and the salads and remove the appetizer from the table if they are no longer eating any of it. You then bring the appetizer to the table and go back to ring in the entree or the soup and salad.


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