Diplomacy is a very important issue. Diplomacy is relations between nations, and is usually the talking part. If the situation gets out of hand it may result in war.
             The US has just had a major situtation with China and luckly it ended in with good results and not war. The problem started when a US ARA4 spy plane was flying in international waters about 80 miles off the coast of China. China became intimidated by the us and sent up highly monuverable fighter jets that got really close to the US plane. With the fighters in the spy plane’s blind spot, it began to bank to the right breaking a prapeller and causing a Chinese to fall to his death. The US plane then made an emmidait landing in China, where the crew of 24 were held as detaines. In the 20 minutes that the us crew had between making the emergency call to land and the landing in China they went through mandatory presedures of breaking every piece of equiment on the plane. The Us spy plane has the ability to tap into phone conversations and read e-mail’s. if chins figures out how to replacate our technology they could do the same and spy on us! Let’s not look at all the bad parts of the story, one good thing is that the Chinese execepted our “not so sincere” apoligies and let the crew go. But they hadn’t we could have gone to war. With the technology we have today (Nucleaur weapons) nothing will be good about a war.

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