Drug Use And Drug Abuse

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The Book, Drug Use and Drug Abuse, talks about the do's and don'ts and everything in between about drugs. If you turn on your TV chances are, that in less than an hour you will have seen at least one person trying to sell you a drug. Do you have a cough? Try this cough syrup. Is your foot itchy? There is a cream to cure it. Are you sleepy, do you have a headache, an upset stomach, a toothache? There are drugs available that can supposedly take care of all these problems and many more. When the average person thinks about drugs, the first thing that comes to mind is sickness. This is because one of the most important uses of drugs is in the treatment of illness. Some drugs can actually cure a disease. Antibiotics, are drugs that help fight against certain bacteria germs. Other drugs only help sick people feel better, without actually curing their illness. These drugs treat the symptoms, or sign of the disease. Most of the time people face their emotional troubles without help from doctors or medicines. Like a long walk with a friend, a movie, or a good night sleep. There are even drugs that help people when they cannot cope with emotional pain. These drugs work on the brain and nervous system of the body and change the wa Continue...

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Some researchers have shown that the tendency to become addicted to a drug could be inherited, or substances called endorphins. Narcotics are drugs that relieve physical and emotional pain. The brain, upon receiving the data, interrupts the mind of what the body has sensed. One type of marijuana that is almost certainly dangerous is marijuana that has been sprayed with paraquat. And how much is spent on illegal drugs is almost impossible to estimate. Beer, wine, liquor, on the other hand contains only one drug. Withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant sensations that occur when a drug the body has grown accustomed to is withdrawn. STIMULANTS AND DEPRESSANTSPeople in every society, at every period in history, have had problems. The blood pressure rises, and the heart has to work harder to circulate the blood through the body. After using certain drugs over and over again, the body changes. NARCOTICSNarcotics were probably among the very first drugs used as a medicine. The liver begins to break down the alcohol into other substances. Paraquat is a chemical that is used to kill weeds. Other strong hallucinogens are PCP ("Angel Dust") the effects of PCP are; the user feels tremendous anger, they may do violence to themselves or to others. They are substances that can cause a person to hallucinate.


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