Bertrand Russell

             Bertrand Russell is a very adamant philosopher and he feels strongly about how philosophy relates to people and everyday life. He is a strong believer in philosophical thinking and casting doubt upon everyday questions and actions. Russell believes that philosophy can enlarge our intellect by asking questions to various things which can be analyzed to a greater extent. Not to find exact answers to these questions, but to further our knowledge and to, “Enlarge our conception of what is possible.”
             In the reading on the value of philosophy, Russell makes a distinct difference between science and philosophy. He says that philosophy is separate from science because philosophy does not present any definite answers to its questions. Those questions that have definite answers are placed in the sciences. He states that as soon as definite knowledge concerning any subject becomes possible, that subject ceases to be called philosophy, and becomes a separate science.
             Russell believes that people should study philosophy to increase their knowledge and step out of what they know is real and true. He mentions the “practical” man in his writing as a person who is only concerned with what they need to survive physically. Russell thinks that people need to feed their minds with knowledge to better the person and all of mankind. He thinks society would be better off thinking in a philosophical sense, rather than sticking to what they already know and what they were raised to think. He thinks that the more people to do so, the better. He wants people to practice philosophical thinking, more so than studying the subject. He thinks all people should do so that are serious about philosophy, but not the people who are closed-minded individuals who stick to concrete beliefs and are not open to interpretation and questioning of issues.
             While taking this philosophy class this semester, I hope to further my knowledge in different w...

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