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the story of an hour

Bertha, from the story “Bliss”, thought that her husband, Harry hated her friend, Miss Pearl Fulton; while Mabel, from the story “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter”, have found herself a lover, who is Jack Fergusson. Bertha always tells her husband not to be rude to her friend, instead she tells him to be polite and gentle to Miss Fulton. Bertha doesn’t know that Harry is just pretending that he doesn’t like her, so Bertha wouldn’t suspect that he likes her. Mabel on the other story thought of ending her life by going down and drowning herself to a dirty pond near her house. She thought that her life was now worthless and meaningless. Now, that they are poor, she can’t stand people looking at her while buying the cheapest things that she can afford. Luckily, she was saved by Jack Fergusson, who is a doctor. Back to the story of “Bliss”, when Bertha saw Harry offering to put Miss Fulton’s coat on her, she thought that Harry is being kind and just repenting his rudeness. Bertha was surprised when she saw her husband putting his hands on Miss Fulton’s shoulders. She doesn’t know that Harry likes Miss Fulton. Her heart was torn in two when she saw this scene. She thought Harry and her were so in love with each other. In fact, she thought of her and Harry as good pals, being frank to each other, so it never occurred on her mind that they might separate. She thought Harry loves her so much. She didn’t thought that Harry would leave her for somebody else. Like a child, she ran over to the long windows, and asked herself about what’s going to happen next in her life, at the end of the story. When Mabel found out that she was wrapped naked in the blankets, she asked Jack if he loves her. Jack didn’t answer at first because he wasn’t sure if he loves her. Jack at first doesn’t have any feelings for Mabel. He saved her because she was his patient, and as a doctor he must save people’s lives. He later on realizes t...

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