Evils of advertising

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Evils of Advertising Contemporary advertising industry exploits children by using the most efficacious techniques, among them psychology. Apparently children constitute the segment of market most liable to subconscious persuasion of commercials which, in turn, translates into tremendous efforts of marketers to exploit children’s gullibility. And on the closer survey of western giant toy companies’ revenues, these efforts appear productive. The complexity and subtlety of mechanisms working in this branch of advertising business is particularly worth further analysis. This essay’s purpose is to highlight children marketing, which gradually becomes the topic of much heated debate. What are the aims, methods, and reservations concerning marketing to children are the questions of interest in this work. First of all, present state of affairs in this branch of advertising will be discussed. As there is abundance of research data gathered on advertising alcohol and cigarettes, relatively little data concerning children oriented-marketing is available. It seems that this branch of advertising has been neglected by public opinion’s criticism. Of course marketers have taken advantage of this dominating research programmes on chil Continue...

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Adbusters magazine 12 July 2000Plan:1. In many countries a solution was introduced consisting of regulating advertising to children on the level of state. James McKinnon, the author of the article Psychologist Act against Ad Doctors states that "psychological research is now widespread source of corporate inspiration. Thus we may watch successful sportsmen recommending a yoghurt or corn flakes. Working paper, Uniwersytet 'l ski w Katowicach. Another one forbids subliminal techniques and exaggerating the features of the products. Kids"tm advertising only exasperate the childish preconceptions by selling fashion, associations ad stereotypes attached to products. Personality practically becomes the product. The arguments of people, who do not see any harm in marketing to children, holding that ever man has free will and it is parents who have means of protecting their offspring against the influence of marketing, are invalid. This kind of subconscious influence used to be experimentally exerted on the soldiers of U. These adults, exposed to the impact of advertisements, may suffer harmful effects. Children"tms vulnerabilities are cunningly manipulated by psychologists whose main aim is to trap the unconscious customers into the ambush of consumerism.


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