Basketball is like Mountain Climbing
             A championship basketball team is like a team of mountain climbers almost reaching the peak of Mount Everest. They both take pride, heart, intensity, and passion to accomplish their goals. However, with one missed shot or lost footing, all the hard work and uphill struggle can come to an end in a blink of an eye.
             To become a superior championship team, there are many qualities a team must have. Pride is the most important because all teammates must trust and believe in each other. Everyone must have each other’s backs in every situation no matter what happens. All team members must also have heart. To have heart is to do anything it takes to win no matter what has to be done. In the game of basketball, some players don’t always get to play the position they would like. A player with heart will do whatever it takes and play whatever position it takes to win the game. Equally important is intensity. When on the floor, a team with intensity will dive for loose balls, play relentless defense, and go the extra mile to get that one steal or make that one good pass. All these components make up a championship team. Finally, it is vital to have passion. The game of basketball is a about love for the game. To have passion is to have boundless enthusiasm. A passionate team will be more apt to win because things will go their way. For example, the referees will want to help out a team that keeps their mouths closed when a bad call is made, or the team that doesn’t talk back to the ref’s. A team with pride, heart, intensity, and passion will have the ball bouncing their way.
             Similarly, a team of mountain climbers needs to have the same characteristics as a basketball team. Just as in basketball, pride is the most important characteristic. A team of mountain climbers needs to be able to trust each other and believe that everyone is watching out for everyone else. If not, a dangerous situation co...

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