The Control of Terrorism

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Within culture throughout time, individuals have been different from one another, and in several ways. Appearance, actions, and even thought are some of these differentiating characteristics. One’s thoughts do not necessarily have to conform to another’s. Yet when given power, an individual may enforce his beliefs on to a large group of people, stripping the right of free thought from these in question. The most famous example of this being the reign of power established by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. However, there are those who call themselves revolutionaries; those who disregard the norm, taking no account to the rules that are laid before them. Yet sometimes their struggle for their own personal rights goes unheard. Then comes the time when they must make themselves heard, and wake people up to their truth. The most common end result: terrorism. By now, governments throughout the world are realizing that terrorism is a serious threat to be dealt with. The growing terrorist population is becoming more and more dangerous, with new organizations forming out of nothing. But not only has this population merely grown; it has diffused into the cracks of our society we deemed immune to such violent acts. Places such as schools, b Continue...

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Throughout world history there have been those that fight for something they believe in with such passion that the overall good eventually prevails. However, some terrorist group"tms ideas contrast with each other, making it even more difficult to achieve total peace. People in such countries also are skilled in the "art" of small-scale bomb making. The first social terrorist organization that comes to most people"tms minds is the Ku Klux Klan. However, as you can imagine, this only supplies an added hatred for the oppression of free speech that is being demonstrated. The area of the world where this attitude toward terrorism is most often practiced is in Central and Western Europe in countries such as Spain, Italy, and Cyprus. However, this type of terrorism is not considered a growing threat in the world today. One of the most common devices used today has been car bombs. uses, and even churches are some of these places. Others argue that these criminals are treated far too unjustly and with poorer living conditions when under imprisonment. This type of terrorism usually involves problems such as: political injustice, corruption, oppression, etc. Terrorism is a dangerous and very expensive "profession" and requires the necessities described above. This recognition undoubtedly comes from the tremendous publicity the group has achieved throughout history.


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