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From a young age, children are taught that hard work will lead to success. It is also enforced in them that they can be whatever they want to be, as long as they are persistent. Unfortunately, this advice does not always pan out in day-to-day living. First of all, many people are not working because they are looking for success or fortune. People have to work because they need to make money so that they may have such amenities as food, clothing and shelter. Also, for some people, work provides them with a purpose in their lives. Second of all, in the real world, hard work, humbleness, and a cheery smile only lead to great success in Disney channel movies. There is always an adversary trying to hold you back, be it “the man” the government, or even a “loved” one. This sad circumstance is what we find in the short story “Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston. However, as in the Disney movies, sometimes the underdog wins. Hurston’s story serves as an exception that proves the rule of male domination. Therefore, “Sweat” is a tale of one woman’s final triumph over the oppressing patriarchal society that she is forced to live in. The main character, Delia Jones, works her fingers to the bone for the Continue...

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Despite the many trials that Sykes caused her, "Two or three times Delia had attempted a timid friendliness, but she was repulsed each time. First of all, Delia is used to the barrages of berating that roll off of Sykes' tongue. You done starved me an' Ah put up widcher, you done beat me and Ah took dat, but you done kilt all mah insides bringin' dat varmint heah. Ah'd uh mah'ied huh mahself if he hadnter beat me to it. Despite the social and gender constraints placed on her, she was able to beat "the man with her hard work, dedication and patience. "She better if she wanter eat, said Moses. Delia was petrified of the slithering creatures, and he knew it. Sykes sneaks inside and tosses his bullwhip at her. Even so, she is not going to take the defeat lying down. Not only is Sykes having an affair with Bertha, but he is also paying for her to stay at a local hotel. However, she is damn certain that neither he nor his mistress will benefit from her hard work, or the home that she has made for herself. Sykes is bullying Delia and her only defense is to get back to her workin' and sweatin'. If things ain't right, Gawd knows tain't mah fault. As he thrashes about, Delia observes from outside.


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Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance also spawned a number of writers like WEB Dubois, Langston Hughes, Nella Larson, Countee Cullen, Zora Neal Hurston, James Weldon Johnson (2050 8 )