the fbi

             The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation has been protecting the
             United States public for almost a hundred years. Whether it be in the
             lawless 20’s or the Post Watergate era the FBI was still ensuring domestic
             security. This paper will show how the FBI throughout history has insured
             the Domestic Tranquillity in the United States and has insured that its
             Officers are the cleanest Americans and some of the more educated
             Americans do to the application process.
             The application process of the FBI is very difficult first you have
             never had anything to do with drugs i.e. selling, being a convicted drug
             offender. But they are leaneint on the use of marijuana their policy is no
             using more than 15 times in your life or use of it 3 years prior to applying to
             the FBI. “An applicant who has sold any illegal drug for profit at any time
             will be found unsuitable for employment.”1 This allows the FBI to have no
             corrupt agents coming in. The FBI has a special honorship internship
             program. “The Honors Internship Program will begin approximately on the
             first Monday in June and will terminate approximately on the third Friday in
             August.”2 This just happens to fall into the FBI’s application window also.
             “All expenses for Interns traveling to and from Washington, D.C. to
             participate in this program will be reimbursed by the FBI.”3 This makes for
             a easier descision for a intern to come to Washington D.C just knowing that
             all of their travel expenses to and from Washington D.C. are all paid for.
             “Undergraduate interns are paid at the GS-6 grade level, and graduate
             interns are paid at the GS-7 grade level on the government pay scale.”4 This
             is pretty good pay for an intern. Like any job the FBI is based on how much
             education a Applicant has had. “Information and assistance on housing is
             provided by FBI Headquarters. However, interns are responsible for
             finalizing their own arrang...

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