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What Does the FBI do? The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation has been protecting the United States public for almost a hundred years. Whether it be in the lawless 20’s or the Post Watergate era the FBI was still ensuring domestic security. This paper will show how the FBI throughout history has insured the Domestic Tranquillity in the United States and has insured that its Officers are the cleanest Americans and some of the more educated Americans do to the application process. The application process of the FBI is very difficult first you have never had anything to do with drugs i.e. selling, being a convicted drug offender. But they are leaneint on the use of marijuana their policy is no using more than 15 times in your life or use of it 3 years prior to applying to the FBI. “An applicant who has sold any illegal drug for profit at any time will be found unsuitable for employment.”1 This allows the FBI to have no corrupt agents coming in. The FBI has a special honorship internship program. “The Honors Internship Program will begin approximately on the first Monday in June and will terminate approximately on the third Friday in August.”2 This just happens to fall into the FBI’s application wind Continue...

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"7 This is a perfect example for theAmerican people to see that the FBI agents are the top cops in the world. After its founding in 1908 the FBIhad to deal with the Lawless years. This is a verydishonorable thing to happen to a man of the top cop in the nation. "12 This division serves as the maininvestigation unit of the FBI. toparticipate in this program will be reimbursed by the FBI. "14 In mymind this division is the workhorse of the FBI. Thehistory of the FBI all relates to this due to the assignments that they areon and the temptations seen by the agents. "Hoover made the FBI into alarge efficient and renowned police agency"10 This is true do to the changeshe made with how far the FBI went to catching criminals. This division is also responsible or the FBI's SecurityCountermeasures Program which includes background investigations andphysical security issues. "9 Theydeal with the same problems as many police officers do today but they dealwith these crimes on a national level1. Allof these divisions make the United States even Safer inside of our countriesborders. "The NDPO coordinates all federal efforts toassist state and local first responders with planning, training, and equipmentneeds necessary to respond to a conventional or non-conventional weapons ofmass destruction incident. These divisions allensure the Domestic tranquillity of our nation.


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