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Presentation of The Postman Review and Summary: And it was at that age¡­Poetry arrived in search of me. I don¡¯t know, I don't know where it comes from, from winter or a river. I don¡¯t know how or when. No, they were not voices, they were not words, nor silence, but from a street I was summoned from the branches of night, abruptly from the others, among violent fines or returning alone, there I was without a face, and it touched me. The film concludes with a scrolling Neruda poem, which was given to the last Massimo Troisi who died of a heart failure after ¡°Il postino¡± was finished shooting. Actually my partner and I were very reluctant in giving you this presentation on ¡°Il postino¡±, because the film is just like a poem. We should feel it by heart rather than analyze it through theories. Just like Neruda put it, ¡°when you explain it, poetry becomes banal¡­better than any explain is the experience of feelings that poetry can reveal to a nature open enough to understand it¡­try and walk slowly along the seashore as far as the bay and around you.¡± The way Neruda interprets poery is just the way the director interprets film. Continue...

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Take the scene of Marios first encounter with Beatrice as an example. Some shots such as Mario pedaling his bicycle back and forth. We hear the timidity and hesitation of Mario. Is he like the politicians who cheat the people on the island for their vote The only different is that he hinds behind beautiful mask of the words of poem. But here in the movie, politics has a totally different meaning. When we really want to understand them without any preoccupation, we could be surprise to find that they are even as sentimental as the artists, as innocent as child. So use can say poetry is a tool for communication And actually poetry is also for misunderstanding. Indeed, the film leaves us a feeling of walking along the seashore by inviting slight events in common life, instead of dramatic plot, profound depiction, and direct expression of passion. Anyway, the ending of the film leaves us thinking for a long time. And with Nerudas help, Mario wins the heart of a beautiful woman, who inspires his love. The second one reveals the love between Mario and Beatrice. It suits the film very much and it has become part of the movie. When Neruda tries to explain to her that they are only words she shoots back saying Words are terrible things. To find the effect of these flash-backs, I assume that the flash-backs were not used.


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