the postman

             And it was at that age¡­Poetry arrived in search of me.
             I don¡¯t know, I don't know where it comes from,
             No, they were not voices, they were not words, nor silence,
             but from a street I was summoned from the branches of night,
             abruptly from the others, among violent fines or returning alone,
             there I was without a face, and it touched me.
             The film concludes with a scrolling Neruda poem, which was given to the last Massimo Troisi who died of a heart failure after ¡°Il postino¡± was finished shooting.
             Actually my partner and I were very reluctant in giving you this presentation on ¡°Il postino¡±, because the film is just like a poem. We should feel it by heart rather than analyze it through theories. Just like Neruda put it, ¡°when you explain it, poetry becomes banal¡­better than any explain is the experience of feelings that poetry can reveal to a nature open enough to understand it¡­try and walk slowly along the seashore as far as the bay and around you.¡±
             The way Neruda interprets poery is just the way the director interprets film. Indeed, the film leaves us a feeling of walking along the seashore by inviting slight events in common life, instead of dramatic plot, profound depiction, and direct expression of passion.
             Though the film is meaningful, it covers love, acceptance, human value, beauty, politics and self-discovery, the director did not develop these things fully and analyze them further. He just scratched them on the surface. It seems that the director tried to constrain the emotion, possibly because he believed that these things were so delicate that we both could not and need not understand and describe them. We could only sense it by our feeling but could not analyze it by our reason.
             Il Postino is a beautiful and touching story of an unlikely friendship between a simple-minded man and a profound poet.
             The year is 1952 and t...

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