Their Eyes Were Watching God

             Would you ever want to be married and spend the rest of your life with someone you never loved? Janie finds security in her first two marriages to Logan Killiks, and Joe Starks, but a marriage cannot survive unless true love is involved like the marriage with Tea Cake. Different marriages in Janie’s life will be analyzed to examine her growing stages in life.
             Janie’s first marriage to Logan Killiks, wasn’t Janie’s ideal marriage. The whole point of Janie’s first marriage was to have financial security and be prepared for the future. Nanny arranged this entire marriage. This marriage seemed to be more of a favor to Nanny because she wanted Janie to be financially secure before she died. Nanny didn’t want Janie to end up like herself, or Janie’s mother. They both ended up raped and pregnant by the men that raped them. Janie had seemed to experiment and had begun to gain interest in men when she first kissed a boy over the fence, by the name of Johnny Taylor, but Nanny didn’t want a poor unemployed negro to be Janie’s husband. Unfortunately for Janie, she wanted to find love and it’s true meaning. Janie couldn’t find love in this relationship. She did find financial security, but that wasn’t what made Janie happy. To top this marriage off, Janie’s husband Logan treated her like a queen, which made Janie feel special for awhile. On the other hand, this spoiled Janie greatly, and when Logan was tired of waiting on Janie hand and foot, Janie refused. Janie was so used to getting treated like a queen. This new treatment of pushing Janie around and forcing her to work seems to be what pushed Janie into the arms of Joe Starks.
             At first glance, Joe Starks seemed to be a nonchalant and charming man. This seems to be what drove Janie’s interest in him in the first place. Janie ran off with Joe to get married, but in a different environment, Joe seemed to change. They moved to a town called Eatonville where Joe ev...

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