FAMILY CONFLICT is a struggle resulting from the opposition functioning of mutually exclusive impulses, desires, or tendencies. In other words, it is a big disagreement or situation that a family occurs.
             A parent loses his/hers job, a child is expelled at school, violence is taking a toll etc.
             When there are financial problems within the parents, the children are automatically dragged in into the problems.
             Either if the children are having problems with school, drugs, friends, pregnancy etc. These all factor in as problems that the whole family has to deal with.
             If parents begin to show lack of communication, such as fighting, it shows that a major conflict is brewing.
             Adults begin to experience this with their work, the children also in school.
             Set a time of the day to sit down as a family and discuss problems.
             Sit the whole family down once a week and give each person a chance to say what has been good and bad for them in the family the past week.
             Have a topic in mind and stick to it.
             Don’t make threats, including withholding favors or breaking previous promises.
             “I feel angry when…,” instead of “You make me so angry!” or “It’s all your fault.”
             Family relationships are easier when you learn to resolve conflicts and when we find out how to handle problems and arguments by cooperation, then we have fully overcome marriage’s evil side.

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