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On July 4, 1776, the fathers of the United States of America formally declared our independence from British rule. Lacking a stable government and financial resources, our predecessors marched on an endless grid of bloody battle fields with the vision of a new nation---a nation in which they shared a love not for what it was, but for what it had the potential to be. This was an era of absolute allegiance, when little boys paid homage to our politicians and hoped to one day be a leader in a free and equal nation. Such love--such nationalism--has never been so potent as that critical moment in history. Unfortunately, our nation has seen a regression in patriotic deeds. Politics are disregarded and, likewise, politicians are deemed as fools. Paul Goodman addresses this issue in the excerpt, “Patriotism” , from the novel, Growing Up Absurd. In this piece, Goodman attempts to identify some of the key factors which have contributed to the decline of patriotism, ultimately placing the responsibility on many of society’s affluent institutions and beliefs. Goodman first places the responsibility on parental guidance within the home. “....patriotism is the culture of childhood and adolescence. Without this f Continue...

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What does it say about a nation when its people are misinformed The purpose of the government is to represent the people, yet, the people are unaware. On the contrary, the creation of suburbia leads to the men of the communities commuting to and from their professions, thus, taking away from the concept of "True Fatherhood and the focus of assimilating youth into the community. This idea of exclusion is again discussed within the text of the Beatnik movement. Goodman respects the Beat movement's attempt to form a sense of patriotism within its own subculture, but fears that it takes away from overall patriotism. Zhivago and the spring theatre festival. This dilemma supports the recent issue of voter turn out during American elections. Throughout his essay, Goodman attempts to pinpoint the key factors which have led to the decline in patriotism. This, according to Goodman, led students to become cynical about politics. The investigations of Dies, McCarthy, and Feinberg instilled fear into the professors to the point in which they were unable to effectively teach the growing generation. The article explains a case in which a Black family attempts to move into a suburb of Chicago. News was again withheld from the American people with the secret nuclear testing and the withholding of a wavelength of a satellite for strategic reasons (Goodman, 1962). In this manner, Goodman is able to mark patriotism as the "new religion.


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