American Justice System

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The United States Federal government should significantly reform the legal proceedings of the justice system?s criminal sentencing policy. This statement can be considered a proposition of policy because it suggests something should be done. The statement attempts to uncover a change in the conduct of the legal system. It describes a course of action that should be taken by the federal government to reform the justice system. A key term of the proposition describes the criminal sentencing policy. The policy is defined as the amendments that the justice system has created and enforces. The definition of legal proceeding is that a defendant was accused and an argument is made to obtain or secure a conviction or argument. The justice system is defined by the federal system from which the laws are enforced. The direction of change for the proposition identifies the agency for change, which is the Federal Judiciary Board. The type of change in the proposition is defining that the laws should be significantly reformed. The target of change is the criminal legal system and its sentencing policy. While punishment was an integral part of the American criminal justice and correctional system, rehabilitation of criminals was the Continue...

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The topicality of the proposition is that the American legal system is not fair. The inherency of the legal system is the court system structure. Issues such as gang violence, prison sex crimes and police brutality are all related subjects to this field. The way the system is designed creates an uneven playing field for many people in society. That means 476 out of every 100000 American were imprisoned. The presumption is that criminals can be reformed with in the criminal justice system. The criminal courts must be reformed to operate more efficiently to meet societys needs. As a result of this increased legislative involvement, sentencing became politicized. There are elements that contribute to the problems associated with the justice system. By crating this type of program the inmate would be supervised and monitored. It was not until the end of the 1960s the idea of rehabilitation was starting to be seen by the public as a lost cause. It is a fact that the American prison system has become largely over populated and the taxpayers are paying the penalty. The high cost of imprisonment and the conflicting impact of high rates of incarceration were starting to become very expensive for the state. Probation became used extensively as an alternative to incarceration of criminals. In to days world the prisons are brimming with drug abuse convictions.


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