Booze and Loose

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Booze and Loose Alcoholism is a disease which can be found in many American homes. It can have both short and long term effects on the way a person thinks and acts. This in return can destroy a families relationship, a persons mental health as well as a person future. Both my mother and my father were alcoholics so I have a first hand experience with alcoholism in a family environment. Even though they both drank, they were two different types of alcoholics. My mother was they type that, when she drank, she would become depressed and lay around the house all day. This effected her relationship with her kids because anytime we wanted to do something she would complain about having to get out of bed. This in return effected her relationship with my father. She rarely cleaned or cooked super. This was all my father wished for when he got home for work. Before long, ou Continue...

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Alcohol serves as a depressant to many people and diminishes any goals they have set for themselves. Since my mom had left our dad expected us to do all the house work. Many people loose jobs because of alcoholism. Anytime he was not working he had an Old Milwaukee in his hand. While they are out killing brain cells their family is at home sitting by the telephone hoping that something bad has not happened. For instance, a person may put off plans for college because they have wasted all their savings on booze. r happy family of five was a not so happy family of four. Another example, many college students lives are ruined because of alcohol. Now that my mom and my dad divorced, he would frequently come home three sheets to the wind raising hell about the lawn not being mowed or the dishes not being washed. Alcoholism can also ruin a persons future. Now it is only my dad and I, a couple of bachelors. No matter what effect alcoholism has on my parents, I sill love them both and hope that they can overcome this disease. Many times the bartender at Renegades has called me and ask if I could come and pick my father up because he is causing trouble. For instance, someone goes on an all night drinking binge.