Social Life in Australia

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On the 1st of January 1901 Australia began its Federation in all colonies, which joined the many colonies together into one nation. It was one of the biggest and most important and historical event that has occurred in Australia. Life back then was different a lot different than it is today, the buildings, transport, politics, and attitudes towards the aborigines. The living and working conditions from 1900 to 1914 depended on which social class you belong to. There were three different classes, the upper class in which consists of the rich people who owned lots of acres of land and owned large business, the middle class, people who earn a substantial amount of money - usually shopkeepers or those who have a professional job. There is also the working class, which is the lowest class the people that belong to this class usually works for a boss the majority of the people belonged to this class. The people that belong to this class make little money and had a small choice of leisure activities. Eight-hour day movement was used in factories and the workers usually worked from 8a.m till 6p.m with 1 hour of dinner. Wages were minimal and if the workers complained about them they were sacked. Most workers were expected to work u Continue...

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They believed that they belong to the land but in contrast the Europeans believed that the land belonged to them. Some workers had to walk 5km to get home after working. The aboriginal cultures had an important bond between the land and the people. The granting of women's suffrage was an important issue. The Australians thought that the non-Europeans would invade the country by taking over all the jobs. Politicians and businessman believed that a women's role in society was housekeeping and taking care of their children. Most people in major cities worked in factories and there were over 10,000 factories. Australians at the time of Federation firmly believed in maintaining a White Australia. Most houses do not have lawns but the ones that do have lawns belong to the wealthy. The women believed that they should be able to make decisions that would affect them and their child's well being. In the 1800's the Chinese, one of the first non-white immigrants arrived in Australia. It has enabled Australians to think in a positive way towards federation, by making it seem as if federation would give everyone an equal opportunity. In 1894, South Australia allowed women to vote for the first time, this was the first time in any country that women were allowed to vote in an election. Living conditions in those houses were cramped in which is shared by lots of people and there is only one toilet. Early Europeans believed the aborigines should be respected and benefit from European contact.


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