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The Death Penalty has been around since and before the Americas were found. Even though it has been in affect for hundreds of years, I do not feel it is at all right. The methods are cruel and in some cases, very painful for the inmate. most people think the death penalty is a good way of justice in the United States, and it is said to be a humane way of execution, but from what I have found, it is far from humane. Since 1976, 549 people have have been executed by lethal injection, 149 by electrocution, 11 by gas chamber, 3 by hanging, and 2 by the firing squad. Of the 714 people executed in the United States, 332 were in Texas and Virginia alone. After World War II, many countries left the practices of capital punishment. The United States did not stop the practice of capital punshment. If there is a slight mistake, in any of the executions, the inmate feels even more pain than usual. The gas chamber is one of the most pa Continue...

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If the rope is to short, the inmate can sufficate for as long as 45 minutes. If done wrong, hanging can be just as horrific as the gas chamber. Hardings spasms and jerks lasted around 6 minutes and 37 seconds(Cameron Harper- Telivision Journalist who witnessed th execution of harding). Witnesses hear loud sounds, like bacon frying"(Brennan, William-U. Maybe having chemicals flood their lungs as they fight to breathe. A lot of people are all for the death penalty, but what if it were you child, would you be able to watch them send eletricity through his body, or inject pioson in them. Saying it is humane to send 2000 volts through some one for 30 seconds is insane. Lethal Injections and the firing squad are the other ways that are used in the United States, they aren't as brutal if done properly. Now however, I'm against capital Punishment, because of the pain the prisoners go through for their lst breath of fresh air. "At first there is evidence of extreme horror, pain, and strangling. The skin turns purple and the victim begins to drool"(Duffy, Clifton-San Quenton Penitentiary warden). These animals, as we treat them, can still feel pain, they know suffering, and they still have rights.


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