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In the novel Dougy by James Moloney, the town and community is destroyed by racism and prejudice between the whites and blacks. This made them forget about the flood and worry about how they could shoot each other. This essay will discuss the ways in which the town was destroyed. In the novel Dougy, racism plays a major part in the destruction of the town. The racism in the town begins when Gracey got free money to go to the state championships. This made all the whites angry because the government never gives them any free money “blacks get things for nothing that every one else has to work hard for.” This quote shows how angry the whites are about Gracey getting free money and it is part of their reason to hate the blacks. Prejudice is another reason why the town was destroyed. It is obvious that the town has bee Continue...

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Prejudice is very bad in the town for example the blacks aren"tmt allowed in the pub. The racism and prejudice between the blacks and whites consumed their minds more than the destruction of the flood. You are either in agreement with the whites or blacks. The death of Kendell symbolises the death of the community spirit. The flood in Noah"tms ark has a lot in common with the flood in the town. They both wash away all the bad stuff for a fresh start to rebuild. The water cleansed the town from all the evil of the war "so our town is flat like they say but when the flood water started roaming around that day it turned out that every place was on the same level. " The quote is saying that they fight over the smallest of things and turn it into the biggest of things. " This quote is saying that the town is on the same level and the level of the violence is the same all over the town. The flood destroyed the town because the community abandoned attempts to stop the flood because of there racist attitudes against each other. They were to busy worrying about how they will get the other side back "there whities and they are shooting at whities don"tmt they know what side they are on. This causes the town to ignore the power of the flood "we don"tmt care what you think. The worse the war gets the higher the river rises but when it gets too bad it just washes the town away for a fresh start.