The Life Of Hernando Cortes

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Hernando Cortes was born in 1485 in a town called Medellin in Extremadura Spain. During the time of Cortes’ youth, the town of his birth was “like the setting of a carnival for a growing boy” (Marks 3). Medellin was the home of an old castle from the days of the wars between the Spanish and the Moors; the young boys of the town found this castle most entertaining. Later in his life Cortes started attending the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain. His law school years were cut short in 1501 when he decided to try his luck in the New World. In the spring of 1504, Cortes set sail for the land of Cuba. After arriving in Cuba in 1511, he joined the Spanish soldiers and Administrator Diego Velasquez in the conquest of the land, and there he became mayor of Santiago de Cuba. In 1518 he persuaded Velasquez to give him command to the expedition of Mexico that had recently been discovered by Juan de Grijalva, nephew of Velasquez. Despite Velasquez’s cancellation on his payment to Cortes due to suspicion that he was exploring and discovering for his own glory, Cortes set sail west from Cuba on February 19, 1519. Cortes took with him about 600 men, less than 20 horses, and 10 field pieces. Cortes sailed along the east c Continue...

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    The Life Of Hernando Cortes
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Cortes gave his men privilege to wander among the village on their own. Cortes returned to Spain only to be virtually ignored by the public and the Spanish court. I feel it is an excellent work for anyone with at least a high school degree, and an especially excellent work for anyone wanting to learn more about Hernando Cortes. Throughout this book review I learned many new and interesting things about the life and times of Hernando Cortes. Not getting the same interest from Cortes, Montezuma stayed peaceful, was determined to wait on the Spanish, and to find out more about their purpose in Mexico. Cortes quickly returned to his camp in the capital city, and joined Alvarado in his battle. The march of Cortes gained much fame back in Spain, but not as much fame as the wealth Cortes brought back from the looting of the Aztecs. Bibliography Marks, Richard Lee. Richard Lee Marks did a great job of giving his audience a detailed biography of the man Cortes was, and the things he will be remembered for. "Cortes: The Great Adventurer and the Fate of Aztec Mexico was an elaborate and accurate portrayal of the life and times of Hernando Cortes. The book was written in 1993, and does not appear dated. Upon entering the capital city, Cortes was looked at by the Aztecs' as a god, whose return had been prophesized for many generations. We have yet to discuss Hernando Cortes in class, so I cant exactly say how well Marks book will compare to the information we will cover. These intriguing stories struck Cortes' attention, and he began asking more questions about these mysterious Aztecs. On his way to Tenochtitlan, Cortes took control of a tribe of natives known as the Tlascalans.


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